We love supporting small businesses especially the ones that try and make a difference so for our launch we went with Sustainable Mumma and her terrariums.

Below is a quick guide on how to look after them. I hope you enjoy them.



Succulents like plenty of indirect light. Never put in direct sunshine or outside. They do well on a window or desk that gets only indirect light all day. Too much direct sunlight will burn the plants as the terrarium can get very warm.


Succulents are drought tolerant plants, and are highly susceptible to root-rot. Combined with the fact that terrariums do not have drainage holes, you’ll want to water your succulent terrarium very sparingly, when the soil has gone almost completely dry. Water sparingly around the base of each plant using a watering can or a spray bottle. Most succulents will tell you when it’s time to water by puckering slightly in their leaves. This is a great indicator for when it’s time to water your terrarium


Shrivelled leaves? Time to water. Mushy, brown or black leaves? You’re watering too much. Remove these plants and replace with comparable specimens, taking care not to water quite as much. Reduce watering during winter.


Thank you to Sustainable Mumma